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BRUTAL GOD: “The Day of the Lord”

A Rhymeview by Jens Marder

Disobedient tremors

splashing over towers

into booger



Whatever is bagged, remains packed

(as can be traced on the latest Yarns




(to) play down

had to dick that one out.

Philology appears to be nothing

you joke about.



is the way it all goes.


falling off various humens.


Mamord the Gay is as bleak as ever,

gnawing hard into reality’s ass.

His sinister nature

lets gastritis flow freely.


Utter weirdness is finally here,

warriors begin knocking down stuff.

By applying pressure to God’s membrain

one can try to stop Gorbqb.


It’s Hi-Brain Day,

the Old Slag is brooding/oozing.

Crispy hands jerk/float

under truly unfavorable conditions.


That Milton guy tends to visit paradise

inside Paris Hilton’s vault.

There he tends to find nothing to write home about

(except for slut feces and whatnot).


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