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Von Bernadette Perez.

phantom rodent waits
mischievously sneaky 
transmitting disease

Sick of crawling from corner to corner 
Soon I drag along the cracks
Scratching for pure satisfaction 
Soon irritating I will not be ignored 

I shall run right in front of view
Intentionally taunting you 
Idle call out, catch me if you can
Interested in a little fun 

Scatter about
Stillness my friend as I hover up high
Search for me in the wee night

Darkness is when I come alive  
Destroy remnants   
Disguised evil 
Devour everything in my path 
Death before me means dinner

My time is tedious
My pointed spout and sparsely haired tail
Mysterious is how I populate 
Men marvel at my ridiculous rate

Now I roam your home 
Me and my family rodents
Many of us run past you in the halls 
I am here to take over 

Mice to Rats 
Even feared by the household cat
I uphold stench of rot 
Reek of filth 
Prepared to bite
I snap 
How dare you call an exterminator 
Evil came to hunt
Now I await execution
Fear I may be caught
I flip my body upon the white board
Nibbling on some cheese
Stuck here I go nowhere 
Waiting for my release 

Condemned by man
I am dammed 

Bildquelle: (c) DA

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