Headquarters for Experimentalism

Introduction to Strangeology

In strangeness furrow d To desire oneself

Absalom forehead offer

??????? on cooperative

Collection of all pretentious photos of translational hedonism

Geierkulanz-Besausung of all forests

The Richturg arrived

The journey to the Near East

Disturbed as avoidance

We ghost their fat away

Belacht and Festgezürich

G EHT into s Onik

We hate in Hobelfett

In the par agi goronten

I’m lying in Popenten

Where shop closing weaves

Comrades Stalingradienten

I climb into the Nemalöme / Nanotube

There we ride the Gäuler

We are stripping from the Labomaar

Into the shrimp gate

Swarming & ???????

Lambs glide

Into the bread

There disperse form / st

S lts mx is required

In saber duels

Lamante du Gigante

Pierced writers

Frisky under the rabbit

Betontod through the wall

I have to sleep down

Because upstairs I’m a hole

Visit the Benzo crust

Geleichnam follows Lur ch

Spheres of the Precht

certificate sideburns

Stay at the Brecht

Phenomenal must e

We drive under the puppy

Comrades around and around

We bounce catatonia

In the staying Henym


The brich boxed force

Only souls are rhyming

On applied sausage

fantasist geraniums

Instead of cheers sausage comes into question

Instead of bread, there’s nothing to worry about

Instead of nouns, there are sausages

As well as a piece of W08st

Since t thinking is nothing easy

In this Juch pomade

The truffle is silent

From sacrificial pits

Blown Vollblaseme

Neck by Hantelaviv

Half boys in Fromagen

Edanken G seek nad ‘ch

Planed m Genomem


I can not understand anything

Decrease and shear

Strained blister acid

The songs van den Dru around

The gods level off

Fuchtelson d he ■ Drumlambelaren ■ Leichtalkali

Enough Wan ß Labinomar g

Taken under roof

Shocked shit

Cast and gegüüm t

From side Fish gelea kt

The Branam geno-squats

Done in the ham

Mannegen to complain about

Sunk occasionally

From the ribosome burden r

Behaargelte dirtied

Geliez t in Jürgenducker

But there is no light in the Blin ker


At the Nagenheim ” Bees-Obens “

Laughing eyeglasses

Gelanterie vernömmen

Invigorating robbed

Lousy spoiled


Brilliant bagatelles

I can not spoil myself

Grill ducks Gigatellen

Leaves from the dust

Shitty holes

After the holiday

Genomic interrogation

The conciliation closed

The dirt creates 8 hunts

Gathered and coquettish

Besumere Betreffer

The glory of Tatars

The fools of Dome w ski

Shadow the cannons

Assembly under pTichen

Wound woven

Gelgemem actual

Died Geronkess

Ligands of barends

Vowed brutalisms


Yellow Fristalista

Enough trimmed

I strike the snake & breathe paradise

Of the Riester

Fromage n to form up


And under the trench

From Jadweblick to hunting

From the front on the Lübend

Died shaken

From the Leiben in the letters

Decreased behavior

Vaults full of transuranium

Taken search

The thing from the cannon

Promising blurring

Stressful factors / foreigners

Besieged bandits

Wasted blasistus

Cast shank G elah ⅎ tes

Beloerener’s Speech

Verloerenre Illuminated

Bratusten Monofichtel

Experienced and interwoven

Machines make Jüyich

Get yourself Dattels ditch

Call dig Namedusa

Closed Erm ö ne


God’s green handcuff

Hiking blood and Ek to stars

Vermoser the broschure

Brachierende Verfuß en

Measure the monsters

And contributed to the Ususs

Unfortunately, enjoyed Opßen

Ge e stgorent Absolust ik

Defense of the graves

From making praise

Lied by funnel shape

Bring with Sintel men

Absolute Kastem

And beat on drowsiness

Special features must hurry on the knee

From the front to behind Triemen

I have a pop culture life

In the form of films

TV series


Video games spent

I never read abe h very much

And if

D ann it was always e in little obsessive

I am already 37

Always ngebildet Still &

A nd still believe

Write something

I have to tell from the

Think comes the dungeon

Only the thinker becomes a stand

In the thinker from the banker

Rivwe thinker threatens gangrene

Thought d roars the ontogen

The ontologist threatens Drona

In the end, the system lisps

Of serene abnormality

Kerster from the leftovers

Lisbeth is an equation child

The signal is the kitchen

Meanwhile, in the sky and on the floor

Let’s tour the wrinkles

knowing Bebraten

Little men are following

The breasts of the worlds

They look up to breasts

And indicate Lamb / \ da

How do you bow to Jaspo?

You take Jaspo in the crook

Tell him gaz

And stuff the archivists

Bleedingers promote huts

As Cologne O om you have to

At once comrades sinter

But among the contractors

We subscribe

We wade through the pressure of the world

And we lean backwards

From the front but cro o t the stone

The simbalean water

Special comrades

Stacked genoplexes

Forcing the genomes

What are the nouns?

From selected kids

Because under the brandino

From front to back

Bumped into the Kinchel

Verlaubung sb sken rude re

Nothernization of the realms

Verwach s s s with Verwa chung

Signals must lub / g s

From darkness to swimming

At the mine fund of the Jürlem

Laughing sniffing

Set up as a benefit

Especially rugged

Siege Rider Whisper Death Janoss

Lander from the Lüden

Mainly body bag

Countries of the pirates

But downstairs, the kaige eats

But not sometimes Gaaß0

The pressure wins a man

Terrain fertile willi

The Wahnfried anbedoinkt

But not only sextons suffer

But also Maliechter

Out to the akrofieson

Because of monster antics

We fight on genommem

Advising under the cockroaches

The chest x fistula flower

Lipses snap pattern

From under the case of Leptus

Out into the hunting structure

Because of Astrologim

Not closed by anything

From Obergrinjum increased

And under Wendelhasen

Succeed the ferments

Strain on the Gnumohm

Dusting does not help

Magnum grows down

Lantanoide care instructions

Bleeding in the neck


We create the dark Machine spirit off

We breathe in the operating temperature

And colonize pressure

” Resist ” GGGG face cream

And then come on d he Pruschtenkundler

And fantastic can be granted on purpose

Names disappear

We need people h änderingend among us believe

We suck the mammals

And get on the horses

Promotional tooth Gnome World

The eavesdropping Stroich

Taken from the stream

From facial strain

From the Laubanum

Pressing gego g s

Unfortunately fragile

Stitches l n out of stitch



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