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Von Alexander Wachter.

Once I had a dream of me meeting that girl                           

           Once I met that guy

And talking to that girl and dating that girl

           And I talked to him and dated him

And kissing her very often

           And I kissed him all the time.

I would go to the beach with her

            I would go to the clubs with him

Or to the theatre or the opera

            Or in his car or in his bedroom.

Wherever she’d want to go,

           Wherever he wanted me to be,

    This was the place I also wanted to be.

But dreams tend to break your heart

            But then he broke up with me.

She never talked to me

           He talked to other girls.

She never kissed me

           He kissed other girls.

She never even looked at me

           He had sex with other girls.

And I was the saddest lad on earth

           And I was the saddest girl on earth.

Until that day when she started to talk to me.

           And then one day, I started noticing this boy.

She talked to me during class.

           We made fun of our teachers during class.

And she even talked to me during break.

           And I stood next to him during break,

And I was so very happy.

           Because no one else would

           And I felt sorry for him.

She introduced me to her friends

           I convinced my friends into letting him be around.

Who really liked me.

           Nobody liked him.

And we sat together at lunch.

           I let him sit next to me at lunch,

           Because I felt very sorry for him.

And we started to date

People started envying our luck

We didn’t care about them at all

One time she visited me at home

And we kissed for the first time

And I was the luckiest person on earth

           I felt bad to be seen with him in public though.

           So I started meeting him alone,

           When no one was around to see us.

           I invited him over to my place.

           After all, I was his only friend.

All my other friends were happy for us

They made fun of us for being in love

We couldn’t care less about it

So eternally in love we’d been

I took her to our Thanksgiving Party

And introduced her to my whole family

My father told me how much he liked her

           He got jealous of me meeting other friends.

           He wanted me to meet his whole family,

           But I felt weird about coming with him

           And I told him I wouldn’t come.

           His dad beat him very hard that day

           And I felt horrible for refusing to come with him.

We spent wonderful weeks together

We kissed each other a lot

And she told me she loved me

And we had sex for the first time

I had never been happier

           I tried to be the best friend possible.

           Guilt led my every action.

           And I told him I love him like a brother

           And he leaned in and kissed me.

           And I just let it happen,

           Then he was the saddest boy I’ve ever met.

           He wanted to kiss me again

           And I wouldn’t let him do it.

           I told him to cease trying,

           But he wouldn’t do that.

           We had a big fight and he hit me

           And I stopped being his friend.

           And I was really sad

           For I thought it’d be easier.

But once on a cold summer day

           That’s why, on a warm summer morning,

The news reported something terrible

           When everything seemed to be alright.

That I wasn’t able to comprehend

The kids in school told me it was an accident

           He brought a gun to school

And that she didn’t need to suffer

           And let me look into its barrel.

But it was like a dream to me

And my heart was broken once more

Bildquelle: (c) DA

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